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Falcon Browser - Lightweight browsing, for free!

Browse the Internet with this intuitive navigator that allows users to set up bookmarks, view their downloads and save websites to the local disk.

Falcon is a simple,light weight, fast,reliable,efficient and multi-purpose web browser to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

Features: Features include :Tabbed browsing,Spell checking,Incremental find,Bookmarking and Smart Bookmarks,A download manager,Location-aware browsing (also known as "geolocation"),MySQL QueryBuilder,

Whois? ,Developer tools(DevTools),Google Search Engine,Extensions.

Probably the distinguishing factor is that the program requires no installation, as it is Java-based, and this allows it to be employed by users from virtually any platform. All the standard browser tools are available, such as the address bar, back, refresh, and forward commands, as well as zoom functions.

The layout is very user-friendly, as large buttons control most of the program's navigation. As with most other browsers, the GUI is very clean and users will find no menu items cluttering the interface; all the main functions can be accessed via a simple button placed on the upper-right area

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TyphoonDBMS Free

A complex and efficient Java-based software solution that enables you to easily access and manage tables on Oracle Database Servers

Typhoon is a comprehensive and reliable application that was developed to assist you in managing the contents of your Oracle databases, enabling you to add, edit or remove tables without needing to resort to SQL statements to get the job done.

To gain access to the utility, you first need to create an account using a preferred set of credentials, which will then be required to enter every time you wish to work with Typhoon.

The program allows you to connect to a local or cloud server, by providing the necessary information, including name, version, driver and service ID. You can also input the network details, specifically the host and port number, along with the username and password, or even the database URL. Prior to saving the configuration, you can test the connection to make sure everything is in order.

Once you connect to the Oracle database, Typhoon allows you to view its contents, namely the tables that it comprises. You can browse through them, select a record and update it. Similarly, you can add a new one, as the tool enables you to Insert Number Data, Insert Blob Data, ˜Insert Clob Data, Insert String Data or Insert Date Data.

Moreover, you can create a new table by defining the number of columns that you need, assigning it a name, then filling out the columns and rows with the information you wish it to store. All of this can be done without having to resort to SQL statements or commands. Other options include the ability to drop tables from the database.

This Java-based utility also offers you a series of SQL 'Syntax References', (statements and functions) and which you can analyze in detail, to learn how to better work with them, then use them for your own purposes.

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Covid Patient Manager20 Software

A complex and efficient Java-based software solution that enables you to easily access and manage tables on Oracle Database Servers Covid Patient Manager20 is a simple but powerful custom software created to support clinics and hospitals in the help of fighting the corona virus pandemic.

The software is to help record, track and manage covid-19 cases in various countries and domains.

Covid Patient Manager20 is created with the ambition of knowing that not only hardware kits is needed to fighting against covid-19 but also software solutions and software tools is needed as well.

The software connects to the clinic or hospital Database server locally or remotely using a secured connection access after which the admin or lab scientist can log in and record, track and manage corona cases in their domain.

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Computer Number Conversion/Utility Java Software Api Library

A java computer number conversion/utility api library i developed for java programmers,developers,android developers etc to make java programming more fun and easy,since algorithms behind this problems are very complex and sometimes frustrates novice or beginer java programmers,so i developed this piece of java api technology to abstract the complexity behind these problems.

This api allows to convert between computer numbers such as decimal to binary,decimal to hexadecimal,decimal to octal and vice-versal and more with ease.This api also provides you with number utility methods/functions that allows you to manipulate computer numbers such integer,short,long,float,double etc examples of the utility methods are DeleteDigitAtPosition, DoubleToString,GetDigitAtPosition,GetLengthOfDigits,GetDigitAtPosition,ReplaceDigitAtPosition ,GetLengthOfDigits,GetNumberDigits etc more.

For example the ‘DeleteDigitAtPosition’ method deletes or removes a digit at a specific position(index) of a number base on the index parameter passed to the method. and the ‘GetDigitAtPosition’ method returns a digit of a number,base on the index value passed to the method.This method takes two integers as parameter,first integer which is the number which digit is to be returned and the second integer is the index which is the postion of the digit.This Java Api Technology is very powerful and fun to use,you will love it

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